Well. If you clicked on the careers link you were totally looking to see some of the who, what, when, where, why of our human resource utilization. Here you go!


We are individual science oriented


As you might have guessed we're familiar with large scale accelerated computing clusters


We are always looking for individuals to contribute to our network of resources


Our headquarters is in Boulder, CO but we operate with flexibility to enable our employees to enjoy life first, and career second. Usually there is some alignment between the two but we truly believe in positioning yourself in the most productive space for you.


We are here to serve the Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, Research and Development components of industry in an efficient matter. Our operational model is open to enable an inclusive ecosystem that incubates it's people in a way that fits their ideals.


Listing of current offerings by Fluid Numerics:

GCP HPC Slurm System Administrator