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Ignorance & Negligence Need to Stop.


Black Lives Matter. We must stop Ignorance and Negligence now. Black and Brown races are dying at a greater rate than others in our country. By turning away and just letting someone else take care of something or waiting until it bites us we are ignoring the problem. It is time we not only consider this act ignorant, but that we also consider it grossly negligent. Melanated lives are systemically underrepresented at every turn and we must stop . There are clear lines that define a visible ally and a silent enemy. While being vocal might feel threatening, silence is deadly.

As researchers and scientists, asking questions and making observations are critical elements of our process. There has been clear evidence that our systems unfairly and unevenly apply justice and force amongst our citizens, negatively weighing on our black brothers and sisters. The need for change has persisted for too long. Conversations involving discriminatory and political topics deserve a place in our economical and social arenas. By avoiding the honest, open and transparent conversations that are potentially conflicting, we choose to stand by discriminatory systemic issues and support them while denying everyone the opportunity for real change. Necessary conflict brings positive change, as it leads to discovering a deeper defense for revising our strategy to find a more equitable solution to our current problem.


2019-nCoV & SARS-CoV-2: Fluid Response

We are available to respond rapidly to research team needs for metagenomic and viral genomics study related to Coronavirus COVID-19. We are developing and deploying resources to enable rapid deployment of a SLURM cluster able to connect to public datasets and process at global scale. Google has also announced resources are available to the biomedical community for research.

Cyberinfrastructure Stimulus Package

Structured in order to assist with team collaboration in a time in need and beyond. We are offering GSuite rates in order to help every one.

Free Live Remote Training & Tutorials

Fluid Numerics is creating live training tutorials for Fluid-Slurm-GCP, HIP-Fortran, and other specialty topics that will be broadcast over Google Meets. Browse our current listing and register for any of the training or tutorial sessions.

We are a Google Cloud Partner

Please get in touch regarding HPC or Scientific Computing on Google Cloud Platform. Our team can help you migrate onto the cloud or leverage the cloud to extend your resources to fit growing and changing needs.

Fluid Numerics is a Google Cloud Partner

We have internal conversations in the office and within ourselves every single day that we would like to express to the world. In an effort to engage with the scientific community it is currently an unwritten workflow that you complete your study, generate a paper, find a journal, and submit the publication for peer review which ultimately could be released to the community at large. Throughout our experience with this workflow we have uncovered a need to maintain public exposure to encourage a public forum prior to if ever releasing to a journal of science.

The opportunity to make progress in science will be accelerated greatly if we are able to collaborate and iterate continuously. We don't want to send you periodicals, we want to engage your imagination and possibly inspire action or aspiration. Please subscribe to Fluid Numerics: The Journal to receive updates on us as a team and our efforts within our domains.