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Live Remote Training & Tutorials

Fluid Numerics produces live training tutorials for Research Computing, High Performance Computing, GPU Programming in Fortran and other specialty topics on our YouTube channel. We use and provide Teaching Tools and resources for teachers that use Google Apps to engage directly with students.

The Journal

Throughout our experiences with our work we have uncovered a need to maintain public exposure to encourage a public forum prior to if ever releasing to a journal of science.

Making Dollars and Sense of Research Computing Cloud Billing


In this article, we expose some potential models for approaching the calculation of costs included in a Service Unit based on resource cost calculation and estimation. Maybe the title should read “$ and ¢ of RCC billing”.

Google Cloud

We provide Research Computing Cloud resources for High Performance Computing and Scientific Computing on Google Cloud Platform. Our team can help you migrate onto the cloud or leverage the cloud to extend your resources to fit growing and changing needs.

Google Workspace

In order to assist with team collaboration in a time of need and beyond we offer Google Workspace to teams of all sizes. Even if you are a team of one we are committed to helping every one. We are here to support organizations with tools to collaborate and grow.

Fluid Numerics is a Google Cloud Partner

SARS-CoV-2: Fluid Response

We are available to respond rapidly to research team needs for metagenomic and viral genomics study related to Coronavirus COVID-19. The Research Computing Cloud allows for rapid deployment of a cluster able capable of connecting to public datasets and process at global scale. Google has also announced resources are available to the biomedical community for research.