Multi-Project Slurm is on GCP Marketplace

2/11/20 - We have concluded testing of our Multi-Project enhancement on our FLUID-SLURM-GCP marketplace solution.

Our updates have been pushed to marketplace for fluid-slurm-gcp. These updates include

  • Multi-project support - naturally integrates with Fluid Numerics fluid-slurm-gcp terraform scripts
  • Multi-region partition configuration (Globally scalable)
  • Multi-zone partition configuration (High availability configuration)
  • Multi-machine partitions - add as many compute machines to a partition as you need
  • "Name your machines" - choose the name of the machines in your partition, rather than {deployment}-compute-{id}
  • Slurm accounting exposure in cluster-services - manage users and the partitions they have access to with cluster-services

Documentation for the new cluster-config schema can be found on our cluster-config help page.

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