Research Computing Cloud
Managed Cloud-HPC

Scalable HPC on Google Cloud without the hassle

The Research Computing Cloud (RCC) from Fluid Numerics is a fully managed Slurm-based autoscaling HPC cluster that runs on Google Cloud. You focus on research and computing and Fluid Numerics manages your Cloud-native HPC resources for you.


Traditional HPC Cluster Look-and-Feel

Even though the RCC runs on Google Cloud, users access the RCC using SSH and submit jobs using the Slurm workload manager. You never have to work directly with the cloud (unless you really want to) to take advantage of the compute resources the Google Cloud has available.

Flexible heterogeneous compute nodes

Fluid Numerics configures the cluster to provide you with access to any of the machine types available on Google Cloud, including GPU accelerated compute nodes. You can also take advantage of high performance NVMe drives for workloads that require low latency scratch disk space. Fluid Numerics' support can change the machines available on your cluster at any time.

High Performance File Systems

The RCC readily integrates with other high performance file systems, including the Weka Filesystem, Lustre, Google Filestore, and Google Cloud Storage . If you are in need of another type of file system, the team at Fluid Numerics can integrate it for you.

No Google Cloud Project Required

If your organization does not currently work on Google Cloud or have Google Workspace accounts, no worries! We can easily get you started with accounts and an HPC cluster deployed in one of our projects. Just let us know what kind of machines you need access to, and we'll take care of provisioning everything for you.

High Quality Cost Effective Support

Fluid Numerics aims to be your one-stop shop for Cloud-HPC support on Google Cloud. When you purchase a fully managed HPC cluster from Fluid Numerics, we cater user documentation to your organization's needs. You also have remote system administration, help desk, and user training support services to meet user and technical stakeholder needs. 

Cost is based on the number of Fluid Numerics' Full-Time-Employees (FTEs) you want to reserve. With Fluid Numerics, you can supplement your team with a part-time support service (minimum 20 hr/month) or let us be solely dedicated to your organization's Cloud-HPC solution.

Software Porting & Optimization 

The Fluid Numerics team has been working in the High Performance Computing space since 2008. We specialize in software porting and optimization strategies to help you quickly migrate applications to the cloud, identify the ideal systems for cost and performance, and implement changes in your code to reduce runtime and cloud costs.

Fully Managed HPC Cluster

Provided Services

Cloud Identity User Management

$50 USD / user / month

Provided Services

Software Porting Sprint

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