Mentored Sprints

About Mentored Sprints

The goals of the mentored sprint are to help you rapidly port your software to new HPC hardware or cloud platforms.  In a Mentored Sprint, we work with you to assess your software and goals through detailed profiling and benchmarking. From here, we develop a 5-day sprint plan, execute a 5-day sprint, and develop a retrospective white paper. Customers are often able to achieve improvements in software performance and portability as a result of participating in a mentored sprint.

Is a mentored sprint right for me ?

Mentored sprints are ideal for teams that are getting ready to move their software to new platforms, expose application parallelism, or implement performance optimizations. A mentored sprint is a good fit, if you are working towards any of the following :

Mentor Qualifications

Mentors from Fluid Numerics are Research Software Engineers with expertise in a domain science and extensive experience in high performance computing, parallel programming research computing, and cloud computing. At a minimum, they hold master's degrees in their field of research, maintain active research portfolios, and continue to push the edge of what can be done with modern compute hardware. Fluid Numerics' mentors are familiar with change management and they work comfortably helping your team navigate new tech territory.

Your code is yours

Fluid Numerics is comfortable signing non-disclosure agreements and takes data and intellectual property protection seriously. Further, anything we develop with your team during the sprint is yours. We are most interested in providing high quality support to accelerate your team's progress in reaching project goals. 

Customer Reviews

University of Melbourne

"Joe from Fluid Numerics was our mentor during a code development sprint organised by the Pawsey Supercomputing Centre in Perth. He helped us develop tailored solutions for our software and moreover was very responsive and organised before and during the sprint. Joe is a true professional and it was great to work with him!" - Dr. Melissa Kozul

University of Queensland

"The Fluid Numerics team is extremely knowledgeable and wonderful to work with. My team and I worked with Joe during a sprint to implement a tricky new feature to a large, legacy scientific codebase and our progress would've been much slower without his assistance and deep knowledge of GPU architectures. Would absolutely work with them in future." - Dr. Emily Kahl

The University of Adelaide

"Fluid Numerics provided extremely helpful profiling and performance analysis of my scientific software code. The resulting optimisations yielded significant performance improvements on the AMD ROCm platform. Joe was fantastic to work with during our coding sprint." - Dr. Waseem Kamleh


When Fluid Numerics started, we were primarily organizing and supporting hackathons for universities, national laboratories, and commercial groups. When the COVID-19 pandemic began, we needed to re-think the model a bit to accommodate restrictions on traveling and gathering.

The mentored sprints took many of the key elements hackathon attendees benefited from and reframed them to highly focused and organized sprints. Teams are still paired with the necessary experts to help formulate and execute a sprint plan, and we do our best to bring in additional outside expertise along the way as issues arise. 

While we still look forward to eventually getting together in-person with you, the mentored sprint is a flexible and cost effective option to making rapid progress in your porting endeavors. We look forward to helping you!