Boulder 2020 Cloud-HPC Hackathon

June 1-5, 2020


With uncertainty around the coronavirus pandemic, this event’s scheduled date and format may change. We are currently looking for your input on the format and timing of this event. Let us know what we can do to make interdisciplinary collaboration in HPC a reality in these unprecedented times.

Fluid Numerics is excited to announce our HPC hackathon in our hometown of Boulder, Colorado! Applications are open! All applicants, mentors, and sponsors will be automatically included in our e-mail list for this event. We are excited to be hosting this event at Google's Boulder office (June 1-5, 2020)!

Hackathons are designed to break away from conventional routine and enter into a collaborative experience complementing accelerated development, exploration & growth.

Bring your code, team, and technology to experiment, explore, hack, crack, & code.

Share your HPC knowledge and software development practices with other HPC developers

Learn, through experience, how to create and operate HPC resources on Google Cloud Platform.

Support an active community of HPC developers by sponsoring mentors, social & organizational activities.

Mentors and Speakers

Our hackathons rely on a community of mentors that are prepared to help developer teams plan and execute their week-long endeavor. Mentors are ready to provide subject matter expertise in one or more areas of HPC software development. Our ideal hackathon has two mentors dedicated to each software development team whose skills and knowledge match the goals and objectives of the team they are assigned to.

If you have HPC knowledge and want to share it with the world, submit a Mentor Application to the Boulder 2020 Hackathon!

Additionally, if you are attending as a mentor and would like to give a talk or tutorial, submit a Speaker Application to the Boulder 2020 Hackathon!

Acceptance and Registration

Acceptance of your mentor application will be sent two months prior to the event. There is no registration fee for mentors at this hackathon! Limited travel funds are available for qualified mentors.

HPC Software Developers

The HPC ecosystem is changing constantly! GPUs are currently becoming the norm, yet diversity in proprietary technology has resulted in rapidly evolving software stacks that are not always portable within a diverse network of emerging architectures. Applications are seeing opportunities to increase performance while reducing consumption through profiling, implementing same instruction multiple data directives(vectorization) and tuning, As code is optimized and modernized, on-premise resources are maximized, and cloud bursting to federated resources at scale becomes a potential solution to meet the demands for Scientific High Performance Cloud Computing.

If you and your team are open to developing a workflow to prepare your application for experimentation on hardware from multiple vendors, collaborate with industry mentors, potentially accelerate your code and walk away with the knowledge to do it again and again, you are the perfect fit for this event. Come explore the benefits of vectorization on x86 and platforms, GPU acceleration on Nvidia® GPUs, and dive deep into using cloud computing resources for your science by submitting an HPC Developer Team Application to the Boulder 2020 Hackathon!

Acceptance and Registration

Acceptance of your HPC Developer Team application will be sent two months prior to the event. The registration fee for each HPC developer is set at $425.00 USD $90.00 USD for this hackathon (for example, 3 developers on a team will total $1275.00 $270.00).

System Administrators

System administrators for HPC clusters are at various stages of shifting towards cloud-hybridization or even cloud-native systems to support HPC workloads for their organization. With this being a potentially unique approach for each team and the amount of unexplored territory available, it is crucial for system administrators to develop a working knowledge of what cloud resources are available and how they could influence the shifts in a System Administrator's organizational operations.

This year, we're opening up a "System Administrator Hackathon" that will take place alongside the HPC Hackathon. System Administrators will receive basic onboarding and training from Fluid Numerics, to learn how to build and operate an HPC cluster on Google Cloud Platform using best practices. During the hackathon, system administrators will work together to build and operate a number of HPC clusters on Google Cloud Platform for the HPC developers. This hands-on experience will provide an introduction to Cloud-HPC system administration.

If you have basic Linux system administration experience and would like to learn the ins and outs of operating on Google Cloud Platform to meet HPC resource needs, submit a Cloud-HPC System Administrator Application to the Boulder 2020 Hackathon!

Acceptance and Registration

Acceptance of your Cloud-HPC SysAdmin application will be sent two months prior to the event. The registration fee for each system administrator attendee is set a $450.00 USD $90.00 USD for this hackathon.