Teaching, Hackathons & Workshops

Experiential Development

GPUhackathon.com <> OShackathon.org

In the past we managed, maintained and supported GPUhackathon.com as a separate resource for anyone interested in how we organize some of our events but found the approach and focus to be too limiting for the broad number of resources starting to make their way onto the market. So we now bring you OShackathon.org.

We are managing, maintaining and supporting OShackathon.org to provide a platform for application developers, system administrators, integrators and manufacturers can come together and work through the challenges involved in adopting emerging and existing compute resources.

GPU Hackathons

Currently, Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) are taking the spotlight in high performance computing. Researchers in many scientific domains have found that GPUs can accelerate their research codes and reduce the "time to science". This acceleration has also permitted researchers to tackle larger and more complex problems. GPU hackathons provide a one week hands-on experience where vendors and experts guide researchers towards accelerating their codes with GPUs. 

Learn more at https://www.gpuhackathon.com or https://www.oshackathon.org

Recent Activity

Fluid Numerics is helping to organize and moderate the NCSA and Brookhaven GPU Hackathons. In support of these hackathons, we have published the first version of attendee and mentor guidelines. Additionally, Fluid Numerics has set up access to a virtual GPU cluster on Google Cloud Platform for the Brookhaven event. This cluster consists of 16 compute nodes, each with a Tesla V100 GPU, and a standard set of HPC packages with GCC and PGI compilers.

Thanks for attending the 2019 Santa Fe GPU Hackathon!

We had a great time in Santa Fe, NM with teams from all over the country. Our heterogeneous high performance cloud cluster realized some great test runs and was able to grow to assist even more educators, researchers and scientists. If you missed the event and are interested in gaining an understanding about how our cluster on Google Cloud Platform(GCP), a multi-node "bare-metal" accelerated computing cluster, could help your team just ask. Keep in touch by subscribing to the Fluid Numerics Journal for exciting updates about hack-a-thons and our advancements within scientific computing on the cloud!


A workshop provides an experimental sandbox and proving grounds that greatly improves discovery efforts by providing a hands-on feand edback loop that invests in developing an ideal proof-of-concept that is not only functional but feasible. Workshops facilitate a space where everyone enters with the intention of meeting minimum requirements by setting the stage for success through an organized and managed interactive event.