Fluid Teaching Tools

To use these tools you will want to login to your organization's Google Workspace account. If you do not have Google Workspace for your organization please sign up with us today.

It is increasingly necessary for teachers of all types to shift towards virtual classrooms. This shift is challenging everyone to rapidly develop new skills and workflows for successfully teaching others. Fluid Numerics actively engages in teaching and tutoring and is ready to offer some of our tools, at no charge, to other teachers and educators.

Virtual Teaching/Tutoring Toolkit

Google Workspace

Many of our tools are built around Google Workspace. Google Workspace is a suite of professional cloud-native tools such as Gmail, Google Meet, Calendar, Sheets, and more.

Google Meet is a secure video meeting service that is included with Google Workspace and GSuite for Education accounts. For teaching and tutoring, Meet gives you the ability to virtually connect with your students and other teachers.

Google Calendar is a calendar service from Google that you can use to schedule events for your classes and tutoring sessions. When you create calendar events and invite other people to join you, Google Calendar will automatically associate that event with a Google Meet session.

Google Sheets provides you with durable spreadsheets that are stored in your Google Drive. Fluid Numerics has developed a solution that allow you to manage your classes, create Calendar events with Meet sessions, and automatically log attendance records.

Data Studio is a service that allows you to connect a variety of data sources and enables you to rapidly create reports and visualize data with a variety of charts, graphs, and tables.

Fluid Class Manager

The Fluid Class Manager is based in a Google Sheet template that you can use to control your teaching schedule. In the main Setup worksheet, you provide a calendar name, class name, teacher e-mail address, description, student e-mail addresses, and scheduling details. By changing the class status to Create, the Calendar events and Google Meet sessions are created for you and the class status is automatically updated to Active once this is done.

This sheet also comes with Apps Scripts that you can use to update attendance records that are stored in a Logs worksheet. You can automate attendance tracking with time-driven triggers that execute these scripts daily. After an initial configuration, you can focus solely on teaching!

Fluid Numerics has also created a Data Studio Template that enables you to visualize attendance records to help you quickly gain an understanding of your students' attendance behaviors. This template includes a bulk summary of the number of hours each student has participated in your classes along with a time series chart that shows historical participation behavior. The quick filters embedded in this report allow you to quickly narrow in on date ranges, subsets of students, and classes.

Start using the the Fluid Class Manager

To get started with the Fluid Class Manager, you can follow these steps

  1. If you don't have a domain or Google Workspace, start by obtaining a domain and signing up for Google Workspace with Fluid Numerics.

  2. Request access to the Fluid Class Manager Sheet Template and the Data Studio Template. In this step, we will need your GMail or Google Workspace address in order to provide you access. Don't worry, we only use your email address to provide you access to these tools and connect with you only about these products. You are encouraged to review our complete Privacy Policy.

  3. Complete the Fluid Class Manager Setup Codelab. In this Codelab, you will set up the triggers that automate your class management and attendance logging workflow, connect your attendance logs to the data studio report, and learn how to create and delete virtual classes.

Fluid Numerics provides free self-guided Codelabs to help you get started with the tools we share with the community.

We are ready to help you get through the initial setup and provide you with the training you need to get started. Reach out to us and let us know how we can help you!