Research Computing Cloud

on Google Cloud Platform

Research Computing Cloud (RCC) is in alpha!

The RCC is a continuously developed and supported Research Computing Cloud for high performance, high throughput and scientific computing workflows.

An RCC combines scalable system services with scalable licensing structures that fit the needs of today's research and science landscape. Teams can rapidly deploy their own systems using Google Cloud Marketplace products or their own infrastructure-as-code using the examples we provide or engage Fluid Numerics to assist them with their deployment and manage RCC services for them.

The RCC is compatible with Google Cloud Private Catalog for simple software asset distribution if necessary.

Watch for the RCC general release on Google Cloud Marketplace in Q4 2021.

Continuous Integration and Continuous Benchmarking with Fluid Run

Fluid Run has been provided to the community as a DevOps tool that enables teams to build and test research computing application images for their RCC using a toolbox and workflow. We have provided this necessary tool for teams in need of a resource that establishes an auditable trail of data that comments on the performance of an application over time and accross various hardware. By using fluid-run as a build step with Google Cloud Build, developers can automate testing and benchmarking on GPU accelerated and multi-VM platforms hosted on Google Cloud. Information about each test, including the system architecture, software version (git sha), build id, and application runtime are recorded and can be saved to Big Query.

Our Google Cloud Marketplace deployments are designed to assist cloud administrators, architects, developers and engineers deploy commonly used applications and infrastructure on Google Cloud Platform. Once you have setup your GCP account, search our Google Marketplace Solutions for what you need and deploy at the click of a button. We are here to support scientific teams with launches and offer a variety of support solutions. Our Help pages are available to the community and we encourage your feedback on how we can make it better. Our team is available for contract support and our product offering is designed to assist beyond.

If your team needs help with the maintenance and support of their Google Cloud Marketplace products, get in touch. We might be able to help.

Fluid Numerics and Google Cloud

Fluid Numerics is proud to be a Google Cloud Sales and Services Partner and offer cloud sales and services including architecture, development, consulting and management. Our team has developed within the Google Workspace Suite of collaborative applications and the Google Cloud Platform product base which includes popular engineering systems like Compute Engine, App Engine and Kubernetes Engine. Our team is well versed in Google Cloud and Google Workspace integrations. Our Google-centric approach provides a lean, responsive single source for collaborative and compute resource administration and management. We architect systems on Google's resources for many reasons but security is a big one for us.

Both Google Cloud and Google Workspace are FedRAMP compliant and HITRUST CSF certified further providing confidence that the processing, storing, and transmitting of sensitive data is secure. Additionally, Google's Cloud and Workspace also support HIPAA compliance across dozens of products in all regions, zones, network paths, and points of presence for Google Cloud. We are able to use Google Cloud Security Command Center and Google Cloud Monitoring to keep track of happenings within our organizations infrastructure and beyond.

Fluid Numerics leverages Google Workspace to manage core operational applications and find efficiency within automating workflows and integrating additional infrastructure in order to optimize our abilities at scale. If your organization is considering a cloud based approach for managing business operations like email, office application licensing, collaboration and sharing we are happy to share our successes with you. This is a Research Computing Cloud that contains High Performance Cloud components like GPGPUs and Cloud TPUs alongside high performance shared file systems.

Serverless architecture and Infrastructure as Code or IaC are both major components of our planning model. As a team that maintains the SELF-Fluids library and utilizes code at the core of system configuration and management we naturally rely on concepts of continuous integration, continuous development, continuous deployment or continuous delivery in order to maintain course and momentum. Serverless architecture allows resources to run as needed without the need for persistent use. At Fluid Numerics we utilize Cloud Functions and App Engine in order to assist us with these types of operations. We utilize IaC in order to deploy and maintain at our cloud resources at scale. Our working knowledge of Cloud Build, Deployment Manager, Terraform and Packer on GCP is in-depth and aided successful IaC development processes for numerous projects.