Fluid Numerics Cloud

The Basics

The Fluid Numerics Cloud cluster is an elastic High Performance Computing Cluster powered by Google Cloud Platform.

Users can access the cluster via ssh and can schedule jobs to run on compute nodes with SchedMD's Slurm job scheduler.

Compute nodes are provisioned on-the-fly and are removed when they are idle. This elasticity keeps compute costs low on the cloud by providing only the compute resources that are needed exactly when they are needed.

HPC packages are made available through environment modules. We can provide software stack's built with open-source compilers.

What We Do

At Fluid Numerics, we provide service and support to Google Cloud Platform based HPC Systems operating the Slurm Workload Manager. We have developed a functional template utilizing Slurm to provide our internal teams and external teams a resource to scale to the scientific needs as necessary instead of maintaining on premise resources that might sit idle otherwise. Our product offering expands into consultation within procurements of large scale Accelerated, HPC and Scientific Computing specifications. We work with teams at major manufacturers and platform providers to maintain knowledge of bleeding edge and emerging advancements in order to function within the current state of industry.

Accelerated Scientific High Performance Computing on Google Cloud Platform

Fluid Numerics is proud to offer our services and support to clients needing assistance developing and utilizing High Performance Computing Cloud systems on GCP. We are continuously growing our systems to accommodate new industries and workflows. Our heterogeneous cloud cluster scales to fit your computational needs using SLURM Workload Manager brought to and maintained by the open source community based on this SchedMD product. Teams at Fluid Numerics are encouraged to approach projects with research and science in mind. We have adopted an Infrastructure as Code (IaC) principle allowing rapid flexibility in our administration and management processes. Documentation is a top priority as we engage in new spaces within and outside of our own organization.

We invite you to take some time and check out what the Fluid Numerics Cloud is all about by reading some more or contacting us directly.