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High Performance & Cloud Computing

Fluid Numerics has more than 10 years of experience in mathematical modeling, scientific computing, parallel programming, and high performance computing. We can help you and your team develop new algorithms and apply parallel programming & high performance computing practices to turn your idea into a cost-effective software solution. Our current offering in this space is the "Mentored Sprints", where we work with your team over a 5 week period to help you make rapid progress in your projects. Learn more...

Fluids Modeling

Fluid Numerics staff have more than a decade of research experience in observational and computational fluid dynamics, with an emphasis on geophysical flows. We are also skilled at developing and operating our own in-house (and open-sourced) solvers based on Spectral Element Methods (SEMs). 

If you are looking for additional assistance in fluids modeling through simulation design and execution, reach out to .

Fluids Modeling

Google Cloud

We provide Research Computing Cloud resources for High Performance Computing and Scientific Computing on Google Cloud Platform. Our team can help you migrate onto the cloud or leverage the cloud to extend your resources to fit growing and changing needs. Reach out to for more information.

Google Workspace

In order to assist with team collaboration in a time of need and beyond we offer Google Workspace to teams of all sizes. Even if you are a team of one we are committed to helping every one. We are here to support organizations with tools to collaborate and grow.

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Fluid Numerics is a Google Cloud Partner