Dr. Joe Schoonover, CEO, HPC Specialist

Google Cloud Certified Professional Cloud Architect

Google Cloud Certified Professional Cloud Developer

I received degrees in Applied Mathematics & Physics ( B.S., 2011 ) and in Geophysical Fluid Dynamics ( PhD, 2016 ) from Florida State University. My interests include numerical analysis and computational physics, high performance computing, scientific data visualization, fluid dynamics, physical oceanography, teaching, learning new things, climbing, biking, and hiking.

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Guy Thorsby, Director of Business Development

My profession has spread across many sectors and their relationships with technology. I maintain a passion for emerging markets and associated industries that encourage progression within corresponding communities. Personal interests include mountaineering, trail running, whitewater stand up paddleboarding, all road cycling, yoga and anything else that will get me outdoors and keep me there.

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You, General Applications

Do core values like disruption and discourse speak to you? Find yourself asking questions as a part of your thought process? Passionate about providing collaborative, productive and sustainable processes? We are a team oriented and managed group of individuals contributing to common goals. Our approach is different and we value failure as well as all other elements of Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, Research and Development workflows. If you are after something "refreshing", "noble", "fulfilling" and some kind of contribution to our team is emerging in your mind please consider providing a general application to join our team. Confidence and trust are additional values we maintain so let us know if we can provide a secure means of contacting and discussing your application.