About Us

About Us

Fluid Numerics offers products and services for computational science and infrastructure technology. Our team consists of backgrounds in Applied Mathematics, Spectral Element Methods, Geophysical & Computational Fluid Dynamics, High Performance Computing, Data Science, and Cloud Computing. We strive to bridge the gaps between scientists, researchers, developers and the emerging architectures that continually transform the nature of research and business operations.

We are stewards of the environment, our communities, and our economy. We are not venture-backed and rely on committed engagements with a variety of customers to fund our operations. Our goal is to develop productive long-term relationships with our customers by helping them design, implement, engineer, integrate, support and refine ideal solutions for a variety of problems in scientific computing.

Consider us a boutique computer and data science firm. We specialize in designing and operating Cloud-HPC solutions, and porting and optimizing scientific applications on target hardware. Founded in early 2018 to meet the expedient needs of the accelerated extreme high performance scientific programming community and surrounding collateral hardware, we have become contributors to and creators of something critical to our own internal work and the work of our customers. Maintaining a direction that sustains us through an ethos that reciprocates has helped us develop an ecology that naturally assists in stewardship efforts.

As a small team nestled against the foothills of Boulder, Colorado, a portion of our capacity is set aside to work directly with researchers at universities and national laboratories to engage in fundamental research in physical oceanography and climate science. We are actively building a community focused on cross-disciplinary collaboration that reduces the barrier to entry for leveraging community-developed open-source software. Please reach out if you're in need of any of our products or support and join us in opening our doors to our community.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide efficient integral compute, data and information technology solutions to our customers. As a team we aim to provide passion inspired products in the form of human and mechanical resources. As an organization we strive to consider more than the project at hand and think in the best interest of our client, company and our environment.

We aim to find strategies that enable researchers to stay at the cutting edge while enhancing communications between hardware vendors, HPC systems architects, software developers and end users through experiential workshops, like hackathons. We believe in supporting institutions and researchers through hackathon facilitation, cloud migration, project and workflow management, software performance tuning for CPU and GPU architectures, scientific software development and numerical analysis, and data visualization.

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In an effort to transparently contribute back to our community, we choose to support the 1% for the Planet program in providing personalized giving strategies and forging powerful partnerships between businesses, individuals and environmental nonprofits to ensure the most impact possible.

If you benefit Fluid Numerics as a Google Cloud or Google Workspace customer at market rates, we are able to contribute a portion(typically more than 1%) of our revenue from these sales to our environmentally beneficial organizations.

Fluid Numerics started a Non-Profit organization in 2020 to support a broad community of individuals and teams in need of administrative and organizational resources. Our team currently facilitates the organizational and governmental processing of the org through clearly documented expenses to contribute transparently. This model of fiscal hosting is made possible through a collective community designated for NPO and NGO entities called Open Collective. WATERCHaNGE and all of it's hosted collective project's budgets and expenses are available publicly.

Fluid Numerics has seeded OS Hack{a}thon, a community contributed approach to Hackathon development, as the first project hosted by WATERCHaNGE. The organization actively develops the hackathon modality for accelerating technical task completion and knowledge transfer. Events bring together leaders in the technology industry, developers and programmers for multiple days to engage in efforts to meet goals like application performance gain and porting to a new hardware. OS Hackathon maintains a transparent budget on Open Collective.


On August 22, 2021 Fluid Numerics was accepted as an eXtreme Science and Engineering Discovery Environment (XSEDE) Level 3 Service Provider. Many of our resources and tools are openly available to the community for research computing needs. We offer allocation services for individuals and teams that are in need of hyperscale public cloud resources for their research. If a project require research computing credit, we are able to help assess a project and help develop an application for the project.

Higher Order methods

Fluid Numerics sees benefit in providing solutions, tools and training to help others engage in physical systems modeling with spectral element methods (SEM). Spectral Element Methods are critical for mathematical calculations and data where results require a high order of accuracy. The Higher Order class of systems include Finite Element Methods as well. A growing number of communities are in need of a higher degree of modeling and simulation which represents demand and justification for a more community driven and oriented approach to Higher Order methods and developing the resources to support them.


SELF is a Fortran-based library that provides data-structure and type-bound routines for implementing Spectral Element Methods in one, two, and three spatial dimensions. Routines are currently available for collocation and discontinuous galerkin formulations on unstructured meshes with isoparametric elements.